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Z Protocol Liquidity Generation Event (LGE)

Z Protocol Liquidity Generation Event (LGE)

Liquidity Generation Event (LGE) Explained: A Liquidity Generation Event (LGE) is a novel and inclusive way to launch a token and distribute it to the community. Unlike traditional methods like private sales, an LGE allows anyone to participate and acquire tokens directly by contributing assets like ETH or USDC. This democratizes the token distribution process, making it more accessible to a wider audience of potential supporters.

Unsold tokens will be burned, which will reduce our total supply to 80 Millions


Z Protocol Liquidity Generation Event (LGE) Details:

Minimum Investment: 0.01 ETH / ~20$

Allocation: 20,000,000 (20M) ZP (20% of Total Supply)

Initial Price: 0.01 USD per ZP

Contribution: Participants can contribute in ETH

Where: zprotocol.xyz

Starting : January 31st at 15:00 UTC

Ending : February 14th

LGE Investor Lock Period:

Lock Duration: Unlock

LGE Benefits for Investors:

Equal Opportunity: Open to all, ensuring fairness and inclusivity.

Transparency: Verifiable on the blockchain, demonstrating fairness.

Early Access: Access tokens at an initial price, potentially benefiting from price appreciation.

Liquidity Provision: Contribute to the initial liquidity pool, enhancing market stability.

Community Building: Become early supporters, fostering a committed community.

Alignment of Incentives: Invested interest in the project’s success.

LGE Process:

LGE Announcement: Share LGE details, including the 0.01 ETH minimum investment requirement, contribution options, lockup and vesting details on Z Protocol dapp

Contribution Period: Participants contribute ETH or USDC, with a minimum of 0.01 ETH, to acquire ZP tokens at the initial price on our dapp

Lock Period: After the LGE ends, there is no lock period during which participants cannot withdraw their tokens.

Vesting: There is no vesting

Setting a minimum investment amount helps ensure that participants are genuinely interested and committed to our project, while also making the LGE accessible to a wide range of contributors.

In summary, Z Protocol Liquidity Generation Event (LGE) is a fair and transparent method for ZP distribution that grants investors early access to our tokens. The lockup and vesting structure ensures responsible token release, promoting a healthy token economy. The LGE process encourages community engagement, liquidity provision, and long-term support, making it an attractive option for both investors and the project itself.

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