Q4 2023: Forging New Frontiers

Farming Dapp Launch on Testnet: Q3 marks the inception of our journey as we unveil the Farming Dapp on the testnet. This pivotal step allows us to rigorously assess and fine-tune the core functionalities before taking them live.

(Our testnet campaign is now over and it has been a success.)

Q1/Q2 2024: The Tapestry Unfolds

After our LGE and probably IDOs on reputable and reliable launchpads, we'll start listing the ZP and launching farming and staking.

The first network used will be Scroll, others will follow, we have good relations with ZkSync, we are interested in Linea and we will follow the development of other blockchains.

Farming Dapp Live: Continuing the momentum, we're excited to transition the Farming Dapp from the testnet to a live environment. This milestone signifies the commencement of our commitment to transforming DeFi landscapes.

The heart of Q1 beats with collaboration as we announce new partnerships. This union extends beyond a mere affiliation—it's the inception of shared endeavors and mutual growth.

Coingecko/CMC Listing: Visibility takes center stage as we secure listing on prominent platforms—Coingecko and CoinMarketCap. This strategic step amplifies our reach, making Z Protocol accessible to a wider audience.

Listing of ZP: The culmination of Q1/Q2 2024 unveils the long-awaited moment—the listing of ZP tokens. This event solidifies Z Protocol's position in the crypto landscape, inviting enthusiasts to engage with our ecosystem.

Q3/Q4 2024: The Tapestry Unfolds

NFT Genesis Drop: Q4 is adorned with a milestone that's both artistic and impactful—a momentous NFT genesis drop. This release pays homage to believers, fostering unity and value appreciation.

NFT Staking Pools: With the release of NFT staking pools, we usher in a new era of engagement and rewards. This dynamic step encourages users to actively participate and aligns NFT ownership with value creation.

Launchpad for All Projects: Expanding our launchpad's horizons, we're excited to open our platform to a multitude of projects. This expansion marks a true testament to the innovative spirit that defines Z Protocol.

Vault Launch and Evolution: Amidst these transformative quarters, the Vault emerges as a stronghold of innovation. In Q4, we unveil the Vault, a secure repository for assets that promotes sustainable growth. As the year draws to a close, expect the Vault to evolve, presenting new opportunities for asset management and prosperity.

CEX Listing: Q4 elevates Z Protocol's presence as we secure listing on a central exchange (CEX). This move enhances accessibility, paving the way for wider adoption and engagement.

Q4 2024/Q1 2025: Charting a Transformative Path

These two quarters merge to form an arc of transformation, a journey of partnerships, launches, and expansion. With the Farming Dapp, launchpads, NFTs, and listings, Z Protocol evolves from vision to reality, captivating the crypto sphere with a symphony of innovation. Stay tuned to our official channels as we move from milestones to moments, shaping a future that's as dynamic as it is promising.

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