๐ŸšœFarming Pools

Diverse Ecosystem of Opportunities

Pioneering Farming and Staking

In the expansive domain of Z Protocol, a rich tapestry of potential unfurls as we introduce a myriad of farming pools, each a universe of its own, catered to various digital assets and protocols. These pools are uniquely structured, forging an ecosystem where you become the architect of your rewards, aligning them with your aspirations and preferences.

Tailor-Made Pools: A Universe for Every User

Every farming pool within Z Protocol is meticulously designed to align with your individual goals and interests. The diverse array of digital assets and protocols ensures that you have the freedom to choose the pool that resonates with your vision. Each pool showcases a distinct reward structure, resonating with the unique attributes of the assets it encompasses.

Staking Pool: Amplifying Participation, Amplifying Rewards

Our commitment to amplifying participation and rewarding engagement extends to the introduction of a singular staking poolโ€”dedicated to our native token, ZKH. By staking your ZKH tokens, you seamlessly become part of a transformative process. As a staker, you'll receive a percentage of the platform's generated fees, aligning your interests with the platform's growth trajectory.

Unveiling the Art of Yield Farming

Within the canvas of Z Protocol Farms, an exquisite art form takes shapeโ€”yield farming with LP tokens. The process is elegantly simple: stake your LP tokens within the designated farm of your choice. Like a masterful brushstroke, this action instantly connects you to the heartbeat of the chosen farm, translating into the immediate accumulation of ZP tokens. Your earnings are a fusion of the farm's Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and the total staking balance, encapsulating both dynamic market movements and consistent rewards.

Your Pathway to an Abundant Tomorrow

Z Protocol's farming and staking realms aren't just about numbersโ€”they're about empowerment. They're about placing the reins of reward generation in your hands, crafting an avenue where your choices, assets, and aspirations converge. As you explore the intricate world of pools and staking, stay attuned to our official channels for insights that will enrich your journey and lead you towards a prosperous horizon with Z Protocol

List of ZP Farms Available at our launch (may change):

  • ZP - USDC - (Deposit Fee 0%) - (2 Hours Harvest Lock) - (Reward x20)

  • ZP - ETH - (Deposit fees 0%) - (2 Hours Harvest Lock) - (Reward x30)

  • ZP - USDT - (Deposit fees 0%) - (2 Hours Harvest Lock) - (Reward x20)

  • ZP - wBTC - (Deposit fees 0%) - (2 Hours Harvest Lock) - (Reward x30)

  • ETH - USDC - (Deposit fees 1%) - (24 Hours Harvest Lock) - (Reward x10)

  • USDC - DAI - (Deposit fees 1%) - (24 Hours Harvest Lock) - (Reward x10)

  • USDC - USDT - (Deposit fees 1%) - (24 Hours Harvest Lock) - (Reward x10)

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