Backed by Real Yield / Z Protocol Vault

Z Protocol vault is a platform that automatically identifies and invests in liquidity pools that offer the highest annual percentage rate (APR) for farming. The aggregator typically achieves this by using a set of strategy contracts that automatically allocate capital to different liquidity pools based on their current APRs and other factors such as liquidity depth, pool risk, and gas fees.

Users can benefit from our vault through different steps

  1. Deposit assets: The user deposits their cryptocurrency assets into a large choice of farming pools / staking.

  2. Algorithmic allocation: The Vault smart contract uses a set of strategy contracts to allocate the deposited assets to different liquidity pools that offer the highest APR. The strategy contracts use algorithms to evaluate each pool's APR, liquidity, risk profile, and other factors to determine the optimal allocation of capital.

  3. The profile risk is studied with precision to avoid our users mishaps, each pool will be audited by our team, and any anomaly detected will be reported publicly in order to denounce fraudulent actors on Zksync and Linea.

  4. Harvest rewards: As the capital is allocated to different pools, the user's share of the rewards from each pool is automatically harvested and auto-compound.

  5. Withdraw assets: The user can withdraw their deposited assets at any time, along with any accrued rewards.

By using our farming Vault, users can save time and effort by automating the process of identifying and investing in the pools with the highest APR in the most secure way possible. The Z Protocol vault algorithmic allocation process ensures that the user's assets are optimally allocated to maximize their return on investment. Additionally, the automated harvesting of rewards simplifies the process of earning rewards from multiple pools and reduces gas fees associated with manually managing multiple investments.

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