Tokenomics Information

ZP token serves as the primary utility within the Z Protocol ecosystem, acting as the fuel that powers various activities and functions within the network.

  • Token Ticker: ZP

  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 (100M) ZP

  • Initial LGE Supply: 20,000,000 (20M) ZP

  • Initial Price: 0.01 USD per ZP

Token Distribution:

  • LGE Allocation: 20M ZP (20%)

    • This will be allocated to participants in the LGE event.

Unsold tokens will be burned, which will reduce our total supply to 80 Millions

  • Ecosystem Fund (Community Engagement,Airdrop): 1M ZP (1%)

  • This fund is dedicated to supporting community initiatives, facilitating airdrops, and fostering active engagement within the ecosystem.

  • Launchpad IDOs (21M) :

21M of our tokens will be used for various launchpads, which will enable us to raise enough funds to add liquidity to our DEX, continue to develop our project and list the ZP token on a CEX.

  • Locked Supply:A portion of the total supply is locked to ensure stability and long-term commitment to the project:

  • Team Fund: 3M ZP (3%)

    • Locked for 1 year to align incentives

  • Locked Liquidity: 8M ZP (8%)

    • These tokens are used for providing liquidity to ensure market stability,they will be locked forever.

  • Development Funds: 5M ZP (5%)

    • Allocated for ecosystem growth and development initiatives,a 3-month cliff, followed by 9 months of linear vesting.

  • Marketing Funds : 12 M (12%)

  • Marketing tokens will not be locked, they will be used for marketing campaigns with launchpads, events and listings on CEX .This wallet will be managed with the DAO Z protocol after the project has been launched ,in other words, the community will decide on the use of the tokens via a council.

  • Emission Supply: 30M ZP (30%)

    • The emission supply supports ongoing network growth and incentives.

Daily Emission Start: 200,000 ZP per day The daily emission rate is subject to change based on the project's evolution and is determined through community consensus. Contract Information: The ZP token operates on Scroll and is governed by the rules and protocols of the Z Protocol ecosystem.

Emission Distribution: The ongoing issuance of ZP tokens is divided into two main categories: Initial Farms and Pools, with a specific allocation for the Z Protocol development

  • Initial Farms: 70% of emission supply

    • Incentivizing users to participate in farming activities to enhance liquidity and engagement.

  • Pools: 29% of emission supply

    • Encouraging participation in various ecosystem aspects.

  • Z Protocol Community Treasury (DAO):

    • Allocation: 1% of emission supply

    • Purpose: This treasury is community-driven and acts as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) wallet.

    • Funds Allocation: It receives 1% of the emission rate, guaranteeing a dedicated allocation to bolster the project's growth and development

Conclusion: The ZP token serves as the fundamental element within the Z Protocol ecosystem, powering activities and fostering engagement. With a well-structured distribution model and ongoing emission strategies, the ecosystem aims to maintain stability, promote community participation, and drive sustainable growth. Please note that some aspects, such as emission rates, may be subject to changes in response to the project's progress and community input.

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