Airdrop Repartion

Harmony of Recognition and Participation

At the core of our commitment lies the rhythm of the Airdrop – a symphony celebrating community fervor and engagement. Each participant, every endeavor, contributes to a grand melody of recognition and reward. Embrace this orchestration of involvement and unlock the following rewards:

Zealy and Galxe Quests: Nurturing Your Journey

Our Airdrop isn't just about tokens; it's a tribute to your dedication. Those who wholeheartedly embrace our Zealy and Galxe Quests are celebrated, intertwining their efforts into this grand narrative.

Discord's Melody: Roles and Airdrop Symphony

The cadence of Discord's roles is a harmonious composition of significance. Your role isn't just a title; it's a key to your Airdrop share. The stronger your resonance, the more generous your reward. Higher roles resonate with proportionally amplified Airdrops, honoring the depth of your engagement.

Aligned Tokens: Zealy, Galxe, and Discord Participants

A total of 1% of the entire token supply (100,000,000 tokens) is dedicated to celebrate engagement. Within this, participants across Zealy, Galxe, and Discord share the limelight. It's a testament to your active involvement and invaluable contributions.

Time to Unveil: Distribution Harmony

One month post our project's launch, the harmonious melody of Airdrop distribution commences. To ensure a balanced token price journey, distribution unfolds gradually across developmental stages, on a monthly cadence.

DAO Overture: Shaping Tomorrow

Beyond the Airdrop's notes, the DAO calls – an arena where your voice reverberates. Propose ideas, make decisions, and sculpt Z Protocol's destiny. The DAO's heartbeat syncs with community guidance, epitomizing collective decision-making.

Dual Farming Harmony: Amplifying Rewards

As a Z Protocol farmer, dual farming beckons. Engage both the DAO wallet and your personal one to harvest rewards from both Z Protocol. This dual approach crescendos your influence and involvement within zkHarvest's thriving landscape.

Your Crescendo Matters: Embrace the Evolution

In your participation, our collective triumph unfurls. The DAO, Airdrop, farming – these strands interweave into a shared tapestry of progress. Remember, Z Protocol's evolution isn't solitary; it's a symphony of contributions, harmonizing with every community member. As you journey with zkHarvest, your engagement is not just cherished; it's the cornerstone of our endeavor, creating a crescendo of collective impact.

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