Vesting Contract

Empowering Responsible Token Holding
Vesting and Burn Mechanism
Z Protocol introduces an ingenious approach to reinforce the value of responsible token holding, setting the stage for a stable and prosperous ecosystem. Our vesting and burn mechanism elegantly aligns with this vision, fostering a culture of commitment and fostering token value.
Users participating in the $ZP reward system are presented with a distinctive privilege: the ability to claim their vesting tokens prior to their designated unlocking date. However, this action carries a fascinating consequence—a burn of half of the vesting tokens. This dynamic approach holds a dual purpose, both encouraging thoughtful token management and cultivating a resilient token ecosystem.
The $ZP reward system comes with an inherent vesting period, spanning approximately one month. In the event that a user opts to unstake their tokens before the culmination of the vesting period, a penalty of 50% is incurred. Remarkably, this penalty doesn't simply vanish—it serves as a catalyst for an intriguing outcome. The incurred 50% penalty tokens are effectively and irreversibly burned, ushering in a reduction in the token's circulating supply.
At its core, this mechanism embodies an incentive structure that inspires users to maintain their stake for an extended duration. By doing so, participants play a pivotal role in diminishing the potential for market volatility, as well as contribute to the sustained elevation of the token's value.
Through the marriage of vesting and burn, Z Protocol redefines token holding as a strategic endeavor—a commitment that yields benefits not just for individuals but for the entire ecosystem. This novel approach brings into focus a vision of DeFi that values patience, steadiness, and value creation. Stay connected with our official channels to immerse yourself in the dynamics of our ecosystem and witness the transformational power of responsible token management.