Launchpads IDOs

We'll be taking part in IDOs on different launchpads

We've chosen launchpads that have proved their worth and have sold out all their previous projects. Our strategy, and theirs, is to make our challenge protocol accessible to as many people as possible.

50% of the funds raised will go towards the liquidity of our DEX to add value and utility to our ZP token.

the rest will be used for marketing, probable listings for CEX,and developing our product.

We have a success clause which implies :

  1. Maintaining the price of the ZP Token

  2. Listing our ZP Token at the end of the IDOs

  3. Launching our applications (Yield, Staking,DEX)

  4. Continuing to develop our products (NFT Staking, Swap, Vault)

  5. Being active on social networks

  6. Listen to the community at all times

Details of the chosen launchpads will be updated as and when required:

IDOs Launchpads : TBA

IDOs Price : TBA

Vesting : 15% at TGE and 4 months without cliff , 21,25% each month

Date : Early March 2024

The sale will take place on the blockchain BSC chain (may change)

The tokens will be sent directly at the end of the IDOs;

The contract will be public

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